Gateway Driving School Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington, Northwich & St Helans

Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials and Feedback

Here are some comment made by our pupils who have successfully passed there test. Comment made verbally, sent by email and sms Text




Francis (Runcorn) 1st  Time Pass 


Thank you for your patience I was a very nervous! didn’t think I was going to make it. I would like to book a Pass Plus with you soon as possible. (comments made when booking Pass Plus)


John B (Haydock) 1st Time Pass


Hi its John’s  Dad just want  to say we are all made up with the result on John’s test today . Thanks for all your help! Will recommend you. Thanks again. (Comments left by Voice mail)


Rebecca P (St Helens) 2nd attempt pass 1st BGDS


Just like to say I have had lessons with two other schools you were the best by far felt comfortable and confident. Thank you so much.  (comments face to face.)


Azzita D (Warrington)


Thanks for all your help I was struggling with the manoeuvres, with your patience and guidance I got through. Just to say thanks I put your mobile number on my friends discount as I work for O2. (comments: face to face)


Russell   (Ellesmere Port) No Experience at all completed 20 Lessons Passed 1st Time


Thanks for all your help send  me some cards will give the out at collage Will book Pass Plus in 2 weeks (Comments made: face to face)


Eleanor (Warrington) passed 2nd Time


Although I did not pass 1st time you helped me work through the problems and I passed the second time. my sister said can you teach her next year when she is 17? (comments: face to face)


Emma (Deeside) 1st Time Pass


I cant  Believe I have passed, was so nervous on the day of my test never thought I would get through. There was so much I had a problem trying to understand. You worked around this thanks for all your help looking forward to driving my kids to school. (comments face to face)


Lorna (Runcorn) 1st Time Pass


Thank You Card Sent from Lorna “Thank you so much for being so helpful and patient. Really could not have done this without you Thanks  Lorna” 


Adrienne (Widnes) Passed 2nd Time


Thanks for helping me get through I made a silly mistake on the first time I was so nervous you really  helped me control this felt more confident thanks again. (comments face to face)


Cheryl (St Helens) 1st Time Pass


Hi would just like to say thank you very much to the instructor he was always on time very patient and made me feel safe, confident and I would recommend your school in the future. (comments by email)


Jack (Northwich) 1st Time Pass


Thanks  for all you help on helping pass my test 1st Time I will pass your details on to my friends. (comments by SMS Text) Jack has recommended 5 of his friends so far to us (thanks Jack)


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Thank you to all our Students "Passed" and present for your kind remarks!

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