Gateway Driving School Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington, Northwich & St Helans

Voluntary code of practice


Instructors will advise clients when to apply for their theory and practical

driving tests, taking account of local waiting times and forecast of clients’ potential for achieving the driving test pass standard. The instructor will not cancel or re-arrange a driving test without the client’s agreement. In the event of the instructor’s decision to withhold the use of the school car for the driving test, sufficient notice should be given to the client to avoid loss of the DVSA test fee


The instructor should at all times, to the best of his or her ability, endeavour to teach the client correct driving skills according to DVSA’s recommended syllabus




• The advertising of driving tuition shall be honest; claims made shall be

capable of verification and comply with codes of practice set down by the


Advertising Standards Authority.


• Advertising that refers to clients’ pass rates should not be open to

misinterpretation and the basis on which the calculation is made should be

made clear.



• Complaints by clients should be made in the first instance to the driving

instructor/driving school/contractor following the complaints procedure


• Failing agreement or settlement of a dispute, reference may be made to

DVSA’s Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors who will consider the

matter and advise accordingly.

• Should the Registrar not be able to settle the dispute he or she may set up

a panel, with representatives from the ADI industry, to consider the matter

further or advise that the matter should be referred to the courts or other

statutory body to be determined.


Competition & Promotions


Winners of competitions will only be paid out in voucher format no cash alternative available. Lesson vouches and free credits are only redeemable for part payment of lessons, shopping vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions on the voucher, all vouchers are transferable to another person. Driving lesson vouchers can only be use once per customer for the offer stated on the voucher and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Any free lessons obtained can only be used in conjunction when a regular paid hour is purchased. Discounted Lessons and some promotions are not available to customers whose training will take place over 15 miles distances from WA7 Post code or 5 Miles on low start deals. If Customer terminates there training any free lessons will be void, if taken then will be billed to customer. Lesson voucher redeemers must have a valid driving licence to take driving lessons.


Free Credits Vouchers & Payment Voucher

(Vouchers look the same but will have codes and may have signature of your Instructor.)

Code: FPC = Free Pay Credit (part payment voucher)

          INTRO/FIRST= (Voucher only for first Lesson with Signature or Instructor)

          FPV= (Fully Paid Voucher with signature of instructor)

           GWV = (Good Will Voucher with signature of instructor.)

Your Instructor will hold records of lessons paid for vouchers hold no value and may not be accepted if no record or receipt of payment is produced.


Important! Free Credits are commitment credits please do not use if you're not intending to complete your course or thinking of leaving the school. Payment Vouchers are for lessons paid for in advance and will be issued with you driving instructor’s signature. Customers will not be charged for commitment credits after 10 full priced lessons have been paid for and used if training is terminated.

May only be used once and not in conjunction with other offers.


Any free credits awarded by GDS may be used in the following ways:


1 Credit worth 1 hour lesson, monitory value (£0.01) (No refunds on free credits) redeemed only to the presenting GDS Instructor

For use of part payment of equal value of Driving Tuition Only. (Example 2 hour lesson cost £20 using 1 free credit)

For use of part payment for driving test day tuition (Not Car hire) lesson

For a short notice cancellation under 48hr notice

Not as a substitute for full payment

Free credits void or billed (if used) if training/lessons are terminated by customer.

May not be transfer to another client.

Used within the training period. (Training Period is from first lesson to Test Day, Block booking purchase course or Termination of lessons by Customer) GDS Reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice. Your statutory rights are not affected.


Communication & Customers Training Status is logged as Follows.


1.Pupil/Lessons Active (Communication & Training ongoing)

2.Lessons Temporally inactive 7 Days (communication Required within 7 Days)

3.Lessons Temporally inactive 14 Days (communication Required  within 14 Days)

4.Lessons Temporally inactive 30 Days (communication Required within 30 Days)

5.Training Postponed Until Further Notice 6 Months (communication Required within 6 Months)

6.Training Terminated ( No Further Contact Pupils remove)


Confirmation/Communication will be sent via SMS, email or post.

Pupils/Customers/Clients. Training status will be logged as listed and are required to contact GDT, instructor or reply to your instructor (When He/She contacts) if your lessons are inactive. Inactivity time will be agreed at the previous lesson. Pupils who do not contact there instructor will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.



Students are reminded that YOU MUST GIVE ADEQUATE NOTICE for cancelling driving lessons or training. Your driving instructor will require a MINIMUM of 48 HOURS NOTICE if you are unable to attend your appointment or REDUCE the quantity of hours booked, you will be charged for any loss of revenue. This also includes not turning up for a pre arranged lesson. However you’re driving Instructor would appreciate you honouring appointment times and any cancellation being your only alternative. Refunds or credits may be given to pupils on an evaluation process where genuine circumstances can be determined and is at the discretion of your instructor  Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, your driving instructor will be most understanding and happy to reschedule your driving lesson at no extra cost, if with in the same working week and subject to availability of lessons slots. If  your instructor cancels: Except where the tuition vehicle is unavailable through break down or service schedule problems your instructor will add grace to any cancellations students make following instructor cancellation and in some cases free hours may be added to a students account.

(See Communication & Customers Training Status Section) If a Client Terminates training and leaves the school any free credits awarded remain, will be lost.




Nothing in theses terms and Conditions will affect any statutory rights you may have as a customer.


Law applying to terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are governed by law of England and Wales and you are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts.



By Taking Training or purchasing products and service you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

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