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Gateway Driver Training Terms and Conditions

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Driving lessons will only be conducted in line with goverment advice and governing bodies. Learners & Candidates should not take driving lesson and practical driving test if restriction apply to them. Further information available from the government website and your instructor.





Welcome, thank you for choosing Gateway Driver Training School. (Formally known as Bridge Gateway Driving School) We are a progressive forward thinking driving school with friendly professional driving instructors who have knowledge of all local test centres and test routes. If for any reason you have any concerns please do not hesitate to ask your driving instructor at any time s/he will be more than pleased to offer friendly helpful advice, alternatively you can contact GDS via e-mail and we will endeavour to reply ASAP. Please be assured that all concerns are taken with the utmost diligence and discretion at all times assuring you of our best intentions.



Payments and Lesson Bookings


Lessons are referred to as Credits 1 Credit = 1 hour Driving Lesson


Customers are required to pay for tuition in advance by using one of the following methods:


Payment by credit or debit card at at the start of your lesson directly to your Instructor: Payment By cash, cheque (payable to your Instructor) with cheque guarantee card.

By Valid Vouchers

(Vouchers and free credits for any value can only be used in part payment purchase of at least 1 full priced lesson of equal value and the remaining value may be used for further lessons purchases and Products. Free Credits can not be used as sole payment of tuition/lessons or products.

Vouchers from other Driving Schools or Retail can be used for obtaining part payment to Bridge Gateway driving lessons up to 1 free 1hr lesson providing that a free lesson has not been claimed with any other offer. Advanced learner who requires lessons less than 3 weeks from practical test date will be subject to the higher hourly rate and will not be eligible for free hours. Payment of lessons of 10 lessons or more must be used as a minimum of 1.5 hour lessons time slot and is at the discretion of the instructor if under 1.5 hours.


Price Changes


The Price of your lessons which have not been prepaid as part of a block booking may be changed at any time. You will always receive prior notice of such changes.


The cost of prepaid tuition is based on the lesson prices in force at the time of the booking and will be honoured for 12 months thereafter irrespective of any price increase that may occur between the date of the booking and when the lessons are taken. Any unused lessons remaining after 12 months have elapsed shall have any lesson prices increased applied. If Block bookings have been purchased (from 6 hours prepaid) include a free lesson then it must be used by any use by date. Any lessons not taken after the used by date will not be honoured



  Refunds and Transfers for lessons not Taken.


Lessons are referred to as Credits 1 Credit = 1 hour Driving Lesson.


Lessons paid for in advance shall be valid for 12 months from purchase date. Good will credits shall be valid for 30 days after last lesson or date refunded which ever is the later, Test credits shall be valid for 12 Months and may only be redeemed when a Practical driving test is booked.  Credits can only be redeemed with a lesson of the same value. Good will credits are at the discretion of the instructor.

Lessons booked as part of a block booking driving course that remain in credit will not be credited back if the driving test is passed by the customer/candidate but may be used for further training if driving test failed.

Any lessons not used as part of a prepaid offer may be refunded back deducting the cost of lessons taken at the standard 1hour rate plus an administration charge of £15.00 if driving test is not passed. Any free credits will be void if a client terminates there training/Lessons or if the practical driving test is passed or no communication is received from the customer. Block bookings must be used within the start date training period consecutively based on the minimum lesson duration per week. Unused lessons balance may be refunded or resumed based on the current hourly rate. (See Communication & Customers Training Status Section)  Refunds are paid approximately 30 days after request. You can not sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person without our consent.






Lessons and Traffic



Please be aware that your driving instructor has no control over road conditions such as but not limited to; road works, traffic jams, road accidents, road closure plus many more etc... While your driving instructor has extensive knowledge of the local area s/he will not be held responsible for any delays that this may cause in over run lesson time (you will not be charged for the over run lessons) and/or lateness to appointments such as but not limited to your practical driving test.






















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