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Show Me Tell Me Questions


Show Me Tell Me is the name given to the technical / safety questions asked by a driving examiner in the UK practical driving test.


This element of the practical test was first introduced in September 2003, and the question bank was amended in December 2017


On your driving test you will be asked one 'show me' question and one 'tell me' question at the start of the test, after the eyesight test, but before starting the engine. The 'show me' question will require you to physically do something such as sound the car's horn or to point to something such as the engine oil dipstick and describe a procedure under the bonnet. The 'tell me question will be purely verbal.


You cannot fail your practical driving test for getting one or both questions wrong, but you can pickup 1 minor driving fault as a result of one or two incorrect answers. 16 or more minor driving faults, or one serious or one dangerous fault will result in a test failure.


Show me, Tell me gives the complete set of show me tell me safety questions and answers above for use in a practical driving test, as well as added explanations and advice.



You do not need to answer the questions word for word, but should demonstrate a good understanding of the topics.


If you are having driving lessons with Gateway Driving School approved driving instructor (ADI car), he or she will show where everything is on the car you are learning to drive, but the DVSA video is intended to be a valuable aid to that learning. When you pass your driving test familiarise yourself with all the items mentioned on your own car or the car that you will be using. Basic regular checks not only keep the car safer, but can also spare you an unnecessary breakdown and/or repair bill.


Arrow black small DVSA Video Inside the Car DVSA Video Outside the Car DVSA Video Under the Bonnet