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Practical  Driving Test


Before you can take your Practical driving test, you will need to pass your Theory Test.


The practical driving test will last approximately 35 to 40 minutes depending on traffic conditions. You will be asked to perform one of the reversing manoeuvres and for a period of around 20 minutes you will be required to drive independently by following a series of directions, road signs or followe the directions from a Sat Nav.

During the test you will be tested on you driving ability to safe standard.

You may also be asked to carry out a controlled stop exercise (emergency stop) this will be completed depending on traffic conditions.

Before the test starts you must pass the eye sight test which requires you to read a number plate 20 meters away.

Before you drive off  your examiner will ask you 1 Tell  me question and 1 Show me question on the move. These are questions about the car.


Your Instructor or Observer on Test. (sits in the back of the and observes only)


Your examiner will ask you if you would like your instructor present through out the test. This could be the person who has accompanied you to the test centre. Remember this is your choice and should be discussed before you go in to the test centre. You will be asked again at the end of your test before you are given the result and debrief.


Manoeuvres:  (you will be ask to complete 1)


    Pull up on the right hand side of the road and reverse back 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic.

  • Reverse around a corner

  • Turning the car around in the road to face the opposite direction. Commonly  know as 3 point turn. (Turning in the road)

  • Reverse Parking on the road or into a parking space (Parallel Parking or Bay Parking)

Forward Bay Parking and reverse out of a car parking space.


Thr Manoeuvers displayed in red are still practiced but will not be done on test unless needed.


Your success  on passing the practical test will depend on your preperation an readiness for the test.

Your driving instructor has the right to withhold the tuition car if you are not ready for testing.

You may book your test before you reach the required test standard however if you wish to postpone or cancel your test, this must be done 5 working days before your test or you will lose your fee.


Test Fee is payable to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)


Week Day: £62.00

Weekday evenings and Weekends £75.00


This fee will NOT include the hire of  your instructors car. The DVSA do not supply Vehicles  to take your test. it is recommended that you take your test in the car you have been taking your lessons in.

Your own car may be used for test however it must be road legal and conform to the regulations for the test and include the following. 


  • Insurance for the test

  • Clearly displayed L Plates (D plates for Wales)

  • Mirror (interior) for examiners use

  • Legal driver to accompany you to and from the test center.


Your driving instructor  will be happy to take you for test in a tuition vehicle or your car. You will be charge for the time of the car hire usually at you normal lesson  hourly rate. You will need to book a minimum 2.5 hours depending on how far from the test center you live. 1 hour will be for practice before test.


Please fined more information at the DVSA website.




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