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Here are the Top Ten reasons for failure according to DVSA.



Before you go for your practical driving test have a look at this list of ten reasons for failing a test and see if any apply to you when doing your lessons. Ask yourself if your instructor has to keep prompting you in theses areas? If so it may be worth while taking a bit more practice  before test or even postponing altogether! You will need to be independent on test. If an examiner has to give you advice in order to keep you, the examiner and other road users safe. Then you will not be successful.


1 Observation at junctions - ineffective observation and judgement

2 Reverse parking - ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

3 Use of mirrors - not checking or not acting on the information

4 Moving away - ineffective observation or control when moving away

5 Use of signals - not given, not cancelled or misleading signals

6 Incorrect positioning - at roundabouts, lanes and bends

7 Reversing around a corner - ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

8 Lack of steering control - steering early or leaving it to late

9 Turn round in road - ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

10 Inappropriate speed - travelling too slowly.



Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's mission is to improve road safty in Great Britain. For More Information on DVSA Please click the Link button.

The Highway Code

Information on the Highway Code is not just for Learners, it's there for all road users including pedestrians.

Take a look at this short video fro the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency >>>>>

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