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How Many Hours?

For an average 17 year old DSA research shows that 40 hours of professional training plus additional private practice provides the best chance of passing

All figures assume the pupil has had no previous experience.

All figures assume reasonable continuity of lessons (at lease two hour session per week) and no private practice.

This Chart reads from left to right to your corresponding age. The Coloured areas are our aims according to age. This will get you to test standard sooner than the research shown, saving you money.

The chart must be used as a guide only and there is no implication that any individual should achieve the quoted figures. Some people need more hours than others.

Any lesson will be Structured to your individuals needs. It will allow for consolidation of previous topics and progression onto new ones

Lessons will be Structured so that you remain focused and motivated, without becoming tired and losing concentration.

This can be achieved by structuring lessons into 20 minute segments  

Why having a two hour driving lesson each week will save you money


  • The first 20 minutes of any lessons should be a re-cap of earlier lessons a drive to a suitable training area and settling down period.

  • The last 20 minutes of any lesson should be a debrief and evaluation of progress made a return to be dropped off and wined down and arranging your next lesson.

  • In one hour this leaves only 20 minutes for the introduction of new topics.

  • in a second hour there is a further 20 minutes

  • In a two hour lesson, even when the lesson is structured to allow a breathing space it permits three x 20 minuets of learning.

  • If you live in a area where there is no test centre lessons will normally require extra time travelling time,

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